Why buy a modular office?…Better question: Why not?

Modular office systems may be one of the most overlooked products on the market. They offer a tremendous amount of advantages over conventional construction and should always be considered when expanding your operation.

With good reason, many customers who require office space immediately turn their attention to an architectural firm or general contractor who can fulfill their needs. It’s not a stretch. We turn to these suppliers in our everyday lives when we need work done at home, so why not turn to them at our place of business?

However, keep in mind that a ‘price to price’ comparison is NOT an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. Modular office systems offer an incredible amount of advantages that easily add value and should truly be the determining factor for purchase.

Benefits include:

  • Adaptability – Quickly and easily re-locatable, expandable, and reusable
  • Durability – Reinforced panels with many facing options including FRP, Steel and Aluminum
  • Pre-wired – Electrical, lights, phone and data outlets are flush mounted in the wall panels. No need for separate electrician
  • Product breadth for numerous environments
  • Product is pre-engineered, making 2 story offices or load bearing structures simple options. Design review by an outside architect or engineer.
  • Quick, Turn-key installation by one vendor. Most installations are completed within one week of material arriving on-site
  • Sound resistance – Laminated panels provide sound and fire resistance
  • Tax benefits – 7 year accelerated depreciation as opposed to 39 years for conventional construction

The bottom line is: Don’t let price be your only purchase consideration. Modular office systems supply more than conventional construction partitions. You may be surprised to find out that overall, modular provides much greater value.