About SAS

South Atlantic Systems Group is a premier provider of creative material handling solutions that simply work. We take a consultative approach designed to understand our customer’s operational challenges. Our designs are based on proven concepts combined with the latest technologies. We pride ourselves on our superior execution leading to results that exceed our customer’s expectations.”

We provide solutions across a wide variety of industries in the following market segments:

Manufacturing and Production Facilities

Warehousing and Distribution

Our History

South Atlantic Systems Group, Inc. was founded in 2003 on Industrial Engineering principles as a partnership between friends with a mutual respect for each other’s career successes. It was identified that there was a strong demand for an analytical approach to facility design founded in process analysis and a true understanding of the technologies used for effective order fulfillment. We observed that warehouse layouts were generic and generally inefficient due to a culture of “cookie cutter layouts” being done by the end user or performed by forklift dealers who lacked a systems engineering background.

Our focus was initially on condensing rack layouts by recommending narrow aisle equipment designed to operate in tighter aisles while allowing higher storage profiles. By guiding customers in more effective slotting techniques driven by data analysis and introducing lesser-known order picking strategies, we quickly gained a reputation for making impactful improvements in our customer picking efficiencies as well.

Today we are the clear leader in producing successful warehouse designs that are data driven, built with sound structural practices and installed by the most experienced installation crew in the region. Our designs often incorporate conveyor systems, pick modules, directed picking technologies (RF, light or voice), automated storage equipment or software. We have also emerged as the leading modular construction company in the state and design, permit and install many complex modular office systems, clean rooms and other processing enclosures used in manufacturing.

Why Choose SAS?

As an independent material handling systems integrator, SAS helps you identify ways to improve the operational processes within your facility.

SAS provides turnkey solutions from concept and design engineering through project management and installation to support your growing business. This design-build approach leverages the strengths of the world’s leading material handling product manufacturers to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Design for the Future

A true systems integrator understands that your business will grow and your material handling capability must be able to grow with it. Our solutions always take into account this need. They can be easily modified to incorporate new technology and functionality.

Knowledge of Technology

By not having the need to sell a specific product line, a true Systems Integrator has an unbiased view of all available solutions. We understand all of the technological options the market has to offer. This allows the appropriate application of technology to the client’s specific material handling requirement.

Independent Design and Product Sourcing

We design solutions based upon our client’s unique needs. By taking an independent approach, no manufacturer specific design requirements are used in system design unless it is part of our solution. Independent sourcing ensures that client’s are getting the right product for their project and enables us to obtain the best price among comparable, commodity products.