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We Serve All Your Material Handling Needs

Determining the correct solution is only the first step in improving your distribution/warehousing operation. Implementation of that solution is equally as critical. South Atlantic Systems Group provides the consulting, design, project management and installation services you need for your business.

Our approach enables us to enter a project at any stage of its development life-cycle.

Whether it’s consulting during the planning phase, or installation on equipment already purchased, South Atlantic Systems is capable of meeting your needs.

Material Handling Consulting

Technology can greatly improve the operation of your facility, reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and decrease shipment errors. However, misapplied technology can hurt more than it helps. Many times we are lured by the “quick fix” that technology promises only to find out that implementation is much more difficult than expected.

This is why the consultative aspect of the integrators’ job is so important. It is their responsibility to evaluate the client’s situation, understand their business and goals, measure these, and apply the appropriate process or technological improvements.

Facility Design and Layout

There are many ways to approach a problem. This is the main differentiation point between material handling providers. Each can have a different view of how to solve a client’s problem. We have full design and layout capability. This, in conjunction with years of material handling expertise positions our group well to provide top tier solutions to distribution, manufacturing and warehousing issues.

Project Management

Step 1: Identify the appropriate solution
Step 2: Design and layout the solution
Step 3: Project Management.

As important as steps 1 and 2 are, without the seamless execution of proper project management, even the best solution and design will fail. Many a system has befallen to poor project management. It is a commonly overlooked component, especially when a client is selecting a material handling provider. Without it, there can be grave consequences. We have experienced project managers that have successfully implemented numerous solutions in a wide variety of industries and working environments.

Rack Repair

It is a little known fact that your rack can be repaired. Repairing your damaged rack is significantly more cost effective than replacing it. Not only in the actual cost of new uprights, but in the cost of removing product and interrupting your operation to actually get to and replace the damaged upright. Our technicians employ factory certified repair procedures to fix and strengthen the damaged components. This process can effectively strengthen your existing structure by adding a significant amount of steel to the damaged upright.

Custom Modular Offices

We provide custom modular and in-plant offices for any environment. Our approach is to meet all of your needs, even if they are not provided by stock product. We take your project from cradle to grave with design and installation service. Providing non-stock components to stock offices allows greater customization and flexibility of design.


One unique service that we provide is professional installation. What’s unique about us is that we employee our own installation crews. This enables us to control your project from start to finish. We do not have the need to work through sub-contractors when it comes to installing and commissioning your project.