Protecting Your Rack

Protecting Your Rack

Rack is an expensive asset. Even with steel prices at a low point, a rack system still represents a large percentage of your warehouse investment. When you make that investment, you want to protect it. Unfortunately it is common practice to overlook protection for your investment on the basis of cost. This is a slippery slope. Protection is inexpensive as a percentage of your total rack project. Don’t forget that the cost to repair or replace damaged uprights and beams will quickly justify the upfront cost of protection.

What kind of protection is available?

1. Rack guards – There are many types of guards available on the market, from individual upright protection to end of row protection. They come in all shapes and sizes and should be tailored to the type of lift truck your operation employs.

  1. Post protector – Comes in many varieties, mostly rounded or angled to deflect impacts. Comes in a variety of material including steel and plastic
  2. End of row – Protects the entire width of the upright, usually curved around the front of the upright at the entry point of the aisle
  3. Bollard – Multi-functional free standing post to create a protection barrier
  4. Guard rail – Is used in a number of manners. It can be used to create a safe walk way for pedestrian traffic or to protect sensitive equipment that is exposed to potential truck damage

2. Driver training/responsibility – Making sure that your drivers are well trained and understand that there are consequences to poor performance can be a great deterrent.

3. Shock Switches – These are modules that are installed on your lift trucks that will disable the truck if it impacts anything. The only way to enable a truck is to have a supervisor do so. This will make sure that your drivers are more conscientious as the work in the warehouse.