Our Partnerships

South Atlantic Systems Group partners with PortaFab Modular Building Systems for a number of pre-engineered building solutions, including cleanrooms and offices.

In-plant Offices

Modular buildings are an excellent way to accommodate office needs for supervisory and support personnel on a manufacturing or warehouse floor. Modular offices can be deployed quickly and with minimal impact on your operation. Construction fast, clean and relatively noise free. Further, modular offices can be easily moved or reconfigured over a weekend. Our modular buildings are typically designed with energy efficient ductless mini-split HVAC technology allowing for zoned comfort control in individual interior offices as well as allowing for easy expansion or portability.

Elevated Modular Office or Control Rooms

When modular buildings are used to house supervisors responsible for a production line or centralized process and floor space is at a premium, a modular building on top of a mezzanine is a great solution. This arrangement is also popular to house quality control and engineering support above manufacturing cells.

Using mezzanines to elevate a modular enclosure to gain a better perspective of operations can be very effective and is commonly seen in manufacturing operations or as supervisory offices around packing/shipping areas or labor-intensive value-add workstations.

Modular/Conventional Hybrid

Oftentimes there is a need to blend our modular construction solution with either an existing structure or to incorporate bathrooms, store front entry or firewalls into our solution. Breakrooms and showrooms are a good example of how SAS can provide a modular solution that integrates some conventional construction scope. Hybrid approaches are also used when we are asked to build a 2-story modular building around and over an existing building.

Free-Standing Walls

Modular free-standing walls are often used to delineate space in manufacturing facilities. Whether it be to secure an area, screen an operation or just inhibit pedestrian traffic, these walls provide an effective solution while presenting a sharp appearance. Typical wall heights are from 4’ to 12’ and can accept all the features commonly used in modular construction. Since a space can be completely enclosed with free-standing walls, this technology allows you to create a room with no roof, saving the cost of lighting, sprinklers and HVAC when deployed in a conditioned building. This can be done fast with no permitting and can get enclosed in the future.