Green is good. Green AND Saving Money is even Better!

Going green is the new hot button in just about every industry. From clothes to cars, going green is the ‘in thing’. The Material Handling industry is no different. Many of our industry’s publications highlight the green initiatives underway with today’s companies. Yet, even with all the buzz about green, the one consistent argument that arises is the cost. There is no question that green products can cost a premium over their standard counterparts, but as technology advances, so does the opportunity to justify that premium.

Green lighting is one of the simplest ways to make your operation greener. Not only does green lighting produce better quality light, you’ll be surprised to know that it IS cost effective and can have a tremendously short payback period. Historically, facilities are outfitted with Metal Halide or Sodium bulbs. Represented by obnoxious and large fixtures, these bulbs take up to 10 minutes to warm up and produce a terrible, yellow light.

In comes the green revolution. High output lighting, commonly referred to as T5, T8 or T12 lighting is providing companies with an alternative that has immediate impact to the bottom line. They have so many advantages it’s hard for companies to find excuses NOT to justify them.



Old Metal Halide/Sulfur

High Output Fluorescent



110 – 230

(depending on application)

Life Span (approx.)

15,000 hrs.

35,000 hrs.

Carbon Footprint

CO2 Emissions

>1500 Metric Tons

500 Metric Tons


Loss of up to 50% of lumens overtime

Loss of up to 10% of lumens overtime

Light Color


Bright White

Motion Controlled On/Off

No, usually stay on all the time


Warm Up Time

Yes, 10 + minutes

Instant on/off

Tax Savings for Conversion


YES but it depends on your State

Data Source: Westinghouse Lighting Solutions

BEWARE!! Not all High Output systems are the same. There is more to the science of lighting than the just the bulb. Reflectors play as large a role as the bulb, directing the light in the right area maximizing every lumen you are producing.

The approach of a quality lighting provider will be to match the right light to your application and facility layout. Matching the right bulb and the right reflector will maximize your efficiency and increase your savings.

**Keep in mind that many states are also offering tax savings for converting your current lighting to high efficiency lighting. Check your state laws to see if your business qualifies.

Let South Atlantic Systems Group be your partner and show you how Going Green can save you money.