Carton and Tote Conveyors

Conveyors used to move product around in warehouses and factories come in various forms. The most common type of conveyor to move cartons and totes are of the live roller variety. Live roller conveyor is either meant for transportation or accumulation of product, and can be powered by one of three methods:

A belt driving the roller from below, called Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR)

Slave driven from below with o-ring bands by a shaft running down the axis of the conveyor, called Lineshaft Conveyor

By motorized drive rollers (MDR) that operate on 24 VDC.

MDR conveyor is quickly replacing the other technologies due to its modularity, low noise level and energy efficient operation. Since MDR conveyors are natively powered in “zones”, accumulation can be achieved without the addition of compressed air to stop zones independently.

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