Why SAS?

Design for the Future – A true systems integrator understands that your business will grow and your material handling capability must be able to grow with it. Our solutions always take into account this need. They can be easily modified to incorporate new technology and functionality.

Why SAS? Results!

Knowledge of Technology – By not having the need to sell a specific product line, a true Systems Integrator has an unbiased view of all available solutions. We understand all of the technological options the market has to offer. This allows the appropriate application of technology to the client’s specific material handling requirement.

Independent Design and Product Sourcing – We design solutions based upon our client’s unique needs. By taking an independent approach, no manufacturer specific design requirements are used in system design unless it is part of our solution. Independent sourcing ensures that client’s are getting the right product for their project and enables us to obtain the best price among comparable, commodity products.

A partial list of satisfied South Atlantic Systems Group’s customers include:

Beaver Street Foods
Coastal Construction Products
Florida Schoolbook
Gate Petroleum
Hydro Aluminum
ICS Logistics
Keefe Supply
Mac Papers
Maxwell House/Kraft Foods
Nestle Waters
Paper Chemical Supply
Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals
The Supply Source