Products – Technology to Solve Any Problem

Technology is playing an ever growing role in distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing operations.  In a world of escalating costs of labor, technology can provide a way to lower operating costs while improving efficiency.  This dynamic increases the importance of understanding current technology trends and being able to adequately cost justify a solution.

South Atlantic Systems leverages the industries latest technology to show direct impact on your bottom line.

Our strong relationships with the world’s top manufacturers allow us to design systems that pass on significant savings to our customers without sacrificing quality.

Let us show you how technology can impact your operation.


Automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)

Carton erectors and sealers
Conveyor Systems
     Flexible/extendable conveyors for truck loading/unloading
     Gravity, belt and powered rollers
     Lineshaft accumulating conveyors
     Pallet handling systems and conveyors
     Vertical Elevators
Horizontal and vertical carousels
Label printers and applicators
Modular offices
Palletizers and depalletizers

PC and PLC based controls


Rack (roll formed and structural)
Rack repair
Communications systems
Sortation systems
Stretch wrappers
Vehicle guidance systems
Warehouse management & control systems
Weigh-in-motion scales